Yellow Gold Plated Bezel Omega Constellation Replica Watch For My Dad

Omega Constellation Replica Watch

This is an Yellow Gold Plated Bezel Omega Constellation Replica Watch that my dad insisted on buying. The watch looks good, it’s a little on the light side but than again I don’t know that much about the original and it’s not a solid watch but more like a stylish easy to wear piece from the 70’s. Yellow gold plated bezel looks good and has the proper shine. Bracelet is also well cloned and looks just like the original. Crown is small and stylish but very in tone with the whole watch.

It’s an Omega Constellation Quartz replica since it has a battery powered movement. Logo on the folding clasp and good engravings on the back case make this fake watch well done when it comes to down details. The original costs around 4k for the Quartz movement which my dad would never pay so this is a good alternative for him.

He wears it on different occasions and he’s really fond of it. I’ll tell you it’s not the flash for being real type of watch but if you are after this style and a Omega Constellation replica then this will be a good pick since they come in so many variations that you’d have to be someone who really knows this model by heart to realize straight up it’s not genuine.

I’ve seen some but they are kinda rare the originals as well as the replicas. I later learned that these are pretty popular among the older people so that pretty much explains it to me. Dial has different color imitation stones which I did ask my dad before if he’d be comfortable wearing Omega replica watch. Nevertheless he likes it.