Swiss omega seamaster 300 blue titanium replica watch

Omega Seamaster 300

The Swiss omega seamaster 300 blue titanium replica watch comes in ever stylish (and slimming) black, as well as a bang on trend blue version, as well as gold and two tone varieties that also incorporate Omega’s patented ‘Sedna’ gold. The ceramic bezel incorporates Omega’s liquid metal technology, it’s powered by the new Master Co-Axial movement, and the sandblasted dial with inset ‘aged’ lume markers is a real stunner.

Omega Seamaster 300

The bezel design omega seamaster 300 blue titanium replica watch is a lot more modern than the rest of the watch, lacking regular hash marks, and having an overall very clean feel – in fact, only the aged lume ‘pearl’ insert gives the vintage game away. The broad arrow handset however, is pure 1957 – and is a perfect choice.

What this omega seamaster 300 replica watch exemplifies is all the appeal of a vintage piece with none of the hassle of owning a 50 year old watch. But not everything on the new version is a slavish tribute to the original; the 2014 version is a mix of the best of the old and the best of the new. That’s not to say that true vintage doesn’t have it’s own distinct charms and advantages – but if you’re really into vintage for the aesthetic, contemporary reissues like this and the Tudor Black Bay range are very tempting alternatives.

The new omega replica watch is a handsome piece. They’ve been very faithful to the original case design, even maintaining the original (roughly) 41mm case size.