Swiss Replica Omega Speedmaster Watches–From Moon to the Stars

With over 160 years of its history, Swiss luxury watch manufacturer omega speedmaster moonwatch replica has travelled further than any other watchmaker and became one of most famous watches in the world.

Omega has many significant achievements, while the most notable one is the fact that it was the first and only watch on the Moon, back in 1969. During the Apollo 11 mission, Omega Speedmaster Professional that is also known as “Moonwatch” was worn by the second man who set foot on Earth’s satellite, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin (Neil Armstrong left his chronograph in lunar module Eagle).

In fact, Omega Speedmaster chronograph, released in 1957, were the only omega speedmaster replica swiss  that passed all tests and was able to resistant to zero gravity and extreme conditions of space exploration. That is the reason why it was qualified by NASA for manned space missions.

After that, Omega Speedmaster copy watches were worn on all six lunar landings, which gave this watch its nickname “Moonwatch”, and it is still the official chronograph on every single NASA flight even now.

Replica Omega Speedmaster Watches

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