Replica Omega Constellation Series Limited Edition Watches

When it comes to Omega Replica Watches, whether or not the table fan, should not be strange for this series. Remember in college, that is, in the late 90 s, a little to the identity of the man almost every sign, only at that time still didn’t see anyone really dalau, again good point is big style poem Dai Jiang Denton. So created such a big influence in China, the constellation series can say very successful! We will come today simply reviews the history of the constellation series and talk about the omega constellation for today.

Replica Omega Constellation Series Watches.

Constellation series omega watch factory in 1952, the first signs of the zodiac is hit tuo Cal. 354 (another 352 movement) movement, and then releasing 50 x series rotary, classic automatic movement signs of the zodiac. Popularity when the signs of the zodiac, the classic is the “ox horn ear gossip flies the constellation, build the observatory of classical Leather Strap Omega Replica Watches red copper movement, elegant appearance, durable performance.

Leather strap Omega replica watches.

With the omega constellation watch replica emergence of quartz movement in the late 60 s, quartz movement in the observatory with almost LingMiao beat all purely mechanical error of the brand machine, occupy the observatory in game 3 armour! The results of this cruel basic brought an end to the Swiss tabulation of the golden age! White Dial Omega Watches quartz age strength to hit, this attack is 20 years.