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Omega Replica were once a series of flagship of brand of products, this special family originated in 1952, according to the omega at the time the journey of 2007, the birth of the constellation is because brand series production of limited edition century cannot satisfy the huge consumer demand.

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In 1948,omega constellation replica watches to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the brand and released the one hundred century memorial watches, this is also the brand’s first automatic chain observatory wrist watch. This did not want to make a series of products, but between the strong market demand, omega 1952 decided to set up a new automatic observatory watch family, constellation series was born.

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The first watch of wrist of constellation carry Bumper movement, the use of the fly time scale, and toffee needle has been used to the late 1960 constellation brown leather strap replica watch Around a few years later, in about 1955, Europe has been using the 354 movement was replaced by the 50 x is a movement, a movement with a normal put tuo, and derived a lot of version, both with and without calendar.