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In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand creation, Omega launched in 1948 with the observatory set-up limited edition watch.Successful market performance let Omega Constellation Series Replica Watches keen found that people focus on mechanical watch precision and huge demand.Four years later, a now familiar we watch series was born, Constellation series.

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As early as the late 19th century to the middle of the 20th century, in order to reveal the strength of the brand, different areas regularly observatory contests in Switzerland.Different from today’s Geneva show or Basel table shows, there is no any new product display, but walking meter when the real struggle replica omega constellation stainless steel mens watch between brands.In 1931, Omega Stainless Steel Fake Watches have every won all six kinds of contest in the university, and in 1932 was designated as the official Olympic timer.Has experienced the second world war, clocks and watches industry also quietly finished according to the demand from the pocket watch to the transition of wrist watch.Although wearing habits have changed, but has not the slightest compromise to the requirement of precision.

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In the year, Cheap Copy Omega Constellation Diamond Watches finished changing style.Before the constellation series in addition to the precise of the movement, its biggest feature is the design of the dial.Three-dimensional diamond buckle the scale was placed in like western-style baking tray on the dial (Pie – pan), deserve to go up again the elegance of toffee pointer, disk have excellent administrative levels sense, highly recognizable.