Best Omega Seamaster Deville Crosshair Dial Replica Watch

Omega Seamaster Deville

Specifically, the beautiful Best Omega Seamaster Deville Crosshair Dial Replica Watch (shown below) which features an elegant 35 mm diameter polished steel case, a domed crystal, a signed Omega crown and an awesome painted cross hair dial.

Omega Seamaster Deville

After continuously searching for the past few months, and mostly finding Omega Seamaster Deville Replica Watch  that only vaguely resemble the Seamaster Deville worn by Don Draper, I have located one that is very close.

The show’s main character Don Draper (played by Jon Hamm), wears some of the most iconic vintage watches throughout the series, namely a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso and a Rolex Explorer. However, it is not a Rolex or Jaeger that is receiving all the hype, it is an Omega.

The hit television series Mad Men, set in 1960s New York, features numerous vintage timepieces from the period considered by many as the golden era of watchmaking. The only differences I can see, is that it is missing the word “Deville” on the dial, the indexes at 9 and 6 o’clock vary slightly and there is no date. And, yes, it does have the killer cross hair dial, which the seller says is original. This circa 1950s Omega Seamaster Replica Watch (shown at top) has the same 35 mm polished case, the same lug design, the same domed crystal and the same indexes as the one worn by Don Draper.

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